We now sell both aluminum v groove rail and hardened steel v groove rail as well as steel v groove wheels.

The steel v groove rail is hardened and 34.5" in length. It is size vrd1. It has 18 pre drilled holes. Each piece costs $27. They are made to be butted together to form a longer track.

Our steel v groove wheels are size w1 (shielded). These are made to run on vrd1 rail. Each wheel is $5. 

Delrin wheels are available for $6 per wheel. Email me for an invoice. 


Get aluminum v groove rail for your cnc applications for the lowest price ever offered! I have customers that have made everything from CNC machines to high end drawers using my  v groove rails. Email us and get a custom order with your lengths. We will send you a paypal invoice. Either lower cost mill finish aluminum v groove rails or stronger hard coat anodized v groove rails and our delrin v wheels may fit your next application.

My hard coat anodized rail has been put through the riggers the last 4 months. I have put 200lbs on them for 500 passes a day. Not only do they have zero wear on them, i have not needed to replace a wheel either. Hard coat equals real deal applications. I do it right, 3 feet is the longest I can do and mantain the best possible coat. These butt together seamlessly. 

Attach the rail to your tube, drill a hole through the rail and tube, (size 7/64) then insert a self tapping screw (size #6) and presto it's attached. My rails butt together seamlessly to handle any length application you need. Mill finish is available in any lengths from 2 feet to 6 feet. The hardcoat anodized type 3 rails are available in 3 foot lengths. (butt them together for longer applications). I make the hard coat pieces in 3 ft lengths because anything longer would be inferior. We need to put a charge through them and 3 ft is the max length without sacrificing any hardness or quality.

Note- You can not run steel wheels on any aluminum track even if it is hard coat anodized for very long. I don't care what anyone has told you hardened steel wheels will eventually wear down the best of hard coat anodized jobs. Delrin wheels are strong and quiet and can handle a great many applications.

 Our hard coat rails have been left out all winter. We have put thousands of passes with over 200lbs on it and not broken a single wheel on our hockey training product.


My Payment is due in 60 days. Please help me avoid putting on a 19 percent credit card. This is the ultimate inventors material. Mill or Hard Coat your choice. Delrin wheels run awesome on this rail.

Mill finish v groove rails ready to be cut in lengths up to 6'. Or get hardcoat anodized in 3ft lengths.

D.I.Y MAKERSLIDE USING a mitsumi 20x80 extrusion with two 5mm bolts per side

3 and 4 Foot sections of Hard Coat anodized v groove rail are also available for heavy wear applications.

Hardcoat anodized is superior to hardened steel in wear cycles. Hard coat is a special anodizing procedure that makes aluminum super hard and wear resistant. Our delrin wheels are perfect for many applications. It also has the advantage of lighter weight and will never rust.

We sell on ebay as well. Username is sc_manufacturing. Search for- v groove rail

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We will combine shipping for multiple orders and refund the difference.

Delrin wheels are available for $6 per wheel. Email me for an invoice. 

  Dimensions in mm








These delrin wheels (see picture) fit this rail, they have two bearings that press into the delrin shell and are secured with a shim washer. The two bearings are size 5 x 16 x5mm. I

 We have specials running on ebay. Or email us at and get a custom order.


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